Toxic bullous dermatoses and severe toxidermas

French national reference center for toxic bullous dermatoses and severe toxidermas

The Reference Center for Toxic, Toxin and Toxidermal Bullous Dermatoses at Necker Hospital – Enfants Malades is made up of a multidisciplinary teams (several research projects and several medical and paramedical specialisation) coordinated by dermatologists. Its purpose is to support and accompany the child and his (or her) family in anticipation of the difficulties to come, and to alleviate as much as possible the individual burden of this family unit (in all socio-economic and psychological dimensions). Necker’s multidisciplinary pediatric platform provides care expertise in all the areas concerned by this group of rare childhood diseases: in dermatology, but also in ophthalmology, odontology, urology, pneumology, anesthesia and allergology .

The severe toxic dermatoses of the child can cause long hospitalizations and can be extremely painful, physically and psychologically, for the child but also his parents. The causes are medicinal, but also infectious, in this pediatric population, with differential diagnoses which will be important to differentiate quickly for a more rapid management of the child.

This reference center is affiliated with the Fimarad rare diseases healthcare network and the ERN Skin European reference network (ERN).


Coordinatrice : Professeur Christine Bodemer

Pr Christine Bodemer

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Phone. +33 (0)1 44 49 46 68

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+33 (0)1 44 49 47 08/46 62

The dermatology emergency room (CUDR) is open 24 hours a day, every day in Necker, with on-call specialists.

  • Dress syndrome
  • Multifunctional ectodermosis
  • Toxic epidermal necrolysis
  • Exanthematic pustulosis
  • Child’s Lyell syndrome
  • Stevens Johnson syndrome
  • Other severe toxiderma in children
  • Staphylococcal epidermal necrolysis
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Medical team

  • Pr Christine Bodemer, coordinator
  • Pr Smaïl Hadj Rabia, dermatologist
  • Dr Olivia Boccara, dermatologist
  • Dr Lilia Bekel, dermatologist
  • Dr Nathalia Bellon, dermatologist responsible for pediatric allergology activity

Para-medical team

  • Antoinette de Longcamp, psychologist
  • Isabelle Corset, nurse
  • Sandrine Compain, nurse
  • Hélène Dufresne, socio-educational project manager
Transversal team
  • Elodie Deladrière-Passignat, occupational therapist
  • Fanny Léopole-dit-marie, physiotherapist
  • Céline Greco, pain doctor
  • Sarah Chaumon, pain nurse

There is currently no specific TPE program for severe pediatric toxiderma.

However local care for large cutaneous and mucous detachments for these exceptional pathologies for children has real similarities with genetic diseases with cutaneous detachments for which the Necker dermatology service is the coordinating site of the CRMR (MAGEC).

Therefore, the medical and paramedical experts of the dermatology department for this cutaneous-mucosal care, mutualise their expertise for the 2 reference centers.

> See the therapeutic education programs of the MAGEC center

Assessment of the individual burden during rare dermatological diseases (socio-economic and psychological dimension) involving severe toxiderma

Assessment of chronic sequelae in children

Interuniversity diploma in pediatric dermatology
University of Dijon, Nantes and Lyon


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