Hereditary kidney diseases in children and adults (MARHEA)

French national reference center for hereditary kidney diseases in children and adults (MARHEA)

Rare kidney diseases most often have a genetic origin. The diagnosis of these diseases is confirmed by analysis of the responsible genes.

The mission of the rare diseases center MARHEA is to take charge, in all its different aspects, of rare renal pathologies:

  • in pediatric nephrology departments: Necker-Enfants malades hospital, Robert-Debré hospital, Trousseau hospital, Cavale Blanche hospital (Brest)
  • in genetics departments of Necker-Enfants malades hospital and Georges-Pompidou European hospital,
  • in adult nephrology departments of Necker-Enfants malades hospital, Tenon hospital andCavale Blanche hospital (Brest), in close collaboration with competence centers throughout France.Logo ERN ERKNet

Logo OrkidThis reference center is affiliated with the ORKID rare diseases healthcare network and the ERKNet European reference network (ERN).


Laurence Heidet

Head of the reference center
Dr Laurence Heidet


Pr remi Salomon

Pediatric nephrologist
Pr Rémi Salomon

Photo Bertrand Knebelmann

Adult nephrologist
Pr Bertrand Knebelmann


Contact us

For a child :
Phone. +33 (0)1 44 49 44 62

Doctolib : prenez rendez-vous en ligne



For an adult patient :
Phone. +33 (0)1 44 49 54 61

Doctolib : prenez rendez-vous en ligne



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In case of emergency

  • Severe developmental abnormalities of the kidney and urinary tract
  • Hereditary amyloidosis
  • Hereditary cystic kidney diseases
  • Hereditary glomerular diseases
  • Metabolic diseases with renal impairment, including metabolic stones
  • Hereditary tubulopathies
  • Atypical hemolytic and uremic syndrome
  • Idiopathic nephrotic syndrome
  • Hereditary tubulointerstitial kidney diseases
  • Chronic kidney disease in children
  • Cystinosis
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Pediatic nephrology

Laurence Heidet

Pediatric nephrologist
Dr Laurence Heidet

Pr remi Salomon

Pediatric nephrologist
Pr Rémi Salomon

Pr Olivia Gillion Boyer, néphrologue pédiatre

Pediatric nephrologist
Pr Olivia Gillion Boyer

Laurene Dehoux MAT

Pediatric nephrologist
Dr Laurène Dehoux

Marina charbit MAT

Pediatric nephrologist
Dr Marina Charbit

Nathalie Biebuyck-Gouge

Pediatric nephrologist
Dr Nathalie Biebuyck-Gouge

Corinne Antignac

Pr Corinne Antignac

Project manager for the ORKID sector
Lorna Rouhaud

Adult nephrology

Photo Bertrand Knebelmann

Adult nephrologist
Pr Bertrand Knebelmann

Aude Servais Service Néphrologie Hôpital Necker à Paris.Avril 2016

Adult nephrologist
Dr Aude Servais

Educational pathways for children / adolescents with chronic renal failure: from diagnosis to therapy


Diagnostic announcement of a renal abnormality detected in antenatal (ADARAN)

Establishment of two RADICO cohorts (ECYSCO: cystinosis; EURBIO-ALPORT: Alport syndrome)

Identification of new genes involved in monogenic kidney diseases


Interuniversity diploma in pediatric nephrology
Paris university, Nice university, Lyon I university and Montpellier university

Logo Université de Paris


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What is the child-adult transition ?

Transition is the period of change from pediatric care to adult care for young patients with chronic conditions. This process must be well organized and structured in order to avoid the risk of a break in medical follow-up and reduce the risk of complications of the chronic disease. To ensure that the transition takes place in the best possible conditions, the center’s objective is to :

  • Organize the transition
  • Encourage multidisciplinary care
  • Ensure continuity of care
  • Make the teenager the actor of his transition

Services and tools available

Program for optimizing the care of patients with (chronic) kidney disease or kidney transplant followed in pediatrics and arriving in adulthood.

Visuel-programme-transition MARHEAThis comprehensive program has been set up within the framework of a working group coordinated by Dr Robert Novo (Lille) and Dr Sandrine Lemoine (Lyon). It aims to optimize patient care during the transition and transfer period to adult services. It is composed of several documents that you can download and use freely.

Program and recommendations : optimizing care

The « On your marks, get set, go » program is a structured program adaptable to each specificity.
It helps young people acquire the skills and knowledge they need to manage their care with peace of mind in both pediatric and adult services.

>>Download the « On your marks, get set, go » program (in French)

Information booklet "Towards adult care"

The information booklet can be used to answer a few questions that the young patient has about the transition and the transfer (1st consultation).

>>Download the information booklet « Towards adult care » (in French)

Patient questionnaires

  • Questionnaire 1 « On your marks » : It proposes a series of structured questions to establish the objectives to be reached for a successful transition to adult services (2nd consultation).

>>Download the « On your marks » questionnaire (in French)

  • Questionnaire 2 « Get set » : It covers the topics in greater depth. It allows to monitor progress and identify difficulties (3rd consultation).

>>Download the « Get set » questionnaire (in French)

  • Questionnaire 3 « Go » : It allows to highlight the objectives and the difficulties that persist in order to best prepare the transfer. (4th consultation).

>>Download the « Go » questionnaire (in French)

Parent/Guardian questionnaire

This questionnaire for parents/guardians allows them to take stock of the place they occupy with their child (4th consultation).

>>Download the Parent/Guardian questionnaire (in French)

Physician follow-up document

This document is a follow-up tool to record the information collected from the young patient and monitor the transition process.

>>Download the physician follow-up document (in French)

Physician liaison sheets

The liaison sheets are used to indicate information about the patient and the desired period for a first consultation with the adult referring physician.

>>Download the physician liaison sheets (in French)

Post-transfer patient questionnaire

Approximately one year after the transfer, it is proposed to carry out a survey to evaluate the transition from the pediatric service to the adult service.

>>Download the survey questionnaire on the transfer to adult service (in French)

La Suite : the adolescent-young adult transition area at Necker hospital

la-suite-MARHEAInaugurated in September 2016, this area, the only one of its kind in France, is designed to support teenagers and young adults being treated at Necker for rare or chronic diseases when they are discharged from pediatric wards to continue their care in adult hospitals.

>>Learn more about Necker’s transition area (in French)


NOA: the application to become autonomous with one’s disease

This application was created by professionals and teenagers followed at Necker. It facilitates a global care of one’s health on a daily basis and helps to become autonomous. It also provides all the information needed to prepare for transfer to an adult hospital. The NOA application will be available at the end of October.

>>Learn more about the NOA application (in French)

Contact information

Necker-Enfants malades university hospital
> Pediatric nephrology unit
> Adult nephrology-dialysis unit

149 rue de Sèvres
75743 PARIS Cedex 15

> Pediatric welcome booklet
> Adult patients welcome booklet

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