Clefts and facial malformations (MAFACE)

French national reference center for clefts and facial malformations (MAFACE)

The reference center for clefts and facial malformations (MAFACE) is integrated into the department of maxillofacial surgery and plastic surgery directed by professor arnaud Picard at Necker-Enfants malades. All of the department’s practitioners and caregivers are involved to varying degrees in the care of clefts and facial malformations, depending on their status, field of competence and expertise.

This reference center is affiliated to the TETECOU rare diseases healthcare network and to the Craniofacial and ENT (ERN CRANIO) European reference network.


Arnaud Picard - responsable médical du centre de référence des fentes et malformations faciales (MAFACE)

Center manager and national coordinator
Arnaud Picard

Eva Galliani - chirurgien référent du centre de référence des fentes et malformations faciales (MAFACE)
Referent surgeon
Dr Eva Galliani


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Phone. +33 1 44 49 43 16

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It is a nurse who answers and manages the appointment of a new consultant. She collects all the information and the medical file in order to adapt the initial appointment as well as possible.

A specific form is provided for pregnant women and newborns.

In case of emergency

Multidisciplinary care at the MAFACE reference center is provided from the antenatal period (antenatal diagnosis of facial malformations), then from birth to the end of growth (20/21 years). Therapeutic strategies are intertwined across all MAFACE disciplines. Everything is organized to limit the impact on the child’s personal, family, school and sports life. Surgery, often iterative and heavy throughout growth, is the key to treatment.

The medical team at the rare diseases reference center (CRMR) includes maxillofacial surgeons, plastic surgeons, orthodontists, pedodontists, speech therapists and a psychologist. The paramedical team includes health care managers, nurses (including childcare nurses), health care aides (including childcare assistants), prosthetists and a medical photographer.

Some consultations are done with a single practitioner, others with several specialists (so-called multidisciplinary consultations). Each stage of multidisciplinary treatment should improve outcomes. Surgery is inseparable from orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, speech therapy and psychological care. The goal is rehabilitation as close to normal as possible.

Part of the treatment is obligatorily provided on the Necker site within the CRMR: sometimes very heavy surgical procedures, complex or innovative orthodontic treatments, specific pedodontic treatments or those that must be performed under anesthesia and/or during surgery, specific speech therapy assessments or psychological assessments. But everything that can be carried out near the home is privileged: orthodontic treatments including pre-surgical treatments, speech therapy re-education, pedodontic care, psychological follow-up, ENT follow-up and treatments, pediatric follow-up in connection with the center, psychiatric and/or psychological follow-up. A social worker is available to help all families with social or administrative difficulties.

A document with all CRMR phone numbers and email addresses, including emergency numbers, is given to each child and their parents at each consultation.

The CRMR collaborates closely for the multidisciplinary care of pathologies with the 4 other reference centers of the TETECOU sector: CRMR CRANIOST, CRMR MALO, CRMR ORARES and CRMR SPRATON.

Facial clefts

  • median clefts: labio-mandibular clefts, fronto-nasal clefts ;
  • cleft lip and palate: cleft lip and labial-alveolar clefts (25%), cleft palate (25-30%), cleft lip and palate (45-50%). These are the most frequent among facial clefts ;
  • orbital-facial clefts, oblique facial clefts
  • lateral clefts : commissural clefts, full lateral clefts
  • associated syndromes: 30% of clefts are associated with syndromes: Pierre Robin syndrome (17q24, SOX9 gene), van der Woude syndrome (IRF6 gene, locus 1q32-q41), EEC syndrome (TP63 gene, locus 3q27 or 7q21), oto-palato-digital syndrome; faciogenitopopliteal syndrome, OFD syndromes(oral-facial-digital) , BOF syndrome (Branchio-oculo-facial), arthrogryposis …

Oto-mandibular dysplasias

  • hemifacial microsomias, unilateral or bilateral craniofacial microsomias ;
  • Associated syndromes: Goldenhar syndrome, Nager syndrome, Miller syndrome, Treacher-Collins or Franceschetti syndrome, Hallermann Streiff syndrome, Guoin Almeida type mandibulo-facial dysostosis.

Very rare facial malformations

  • proboscis ;
  • nose duplication ;
  • maxillo-nasal dysplasia, Binder syndrome;
  • teratomas;
  • epignathus;
  • congenital giant epulis.

Craniofacial synostosis

  • for maxillofacial care, in collaboration with the CRMR CRANIOST.

Congenital cysts and fistulas of the face

Congenital vascular malformations and tumors (angiomas)

  • capillar-venous, venous, arteriovenous, lymphatic (macro- and microcystic) malformations ;
  • RICH, NICH, PICH tumors, giant hemangiomas ;
  • Associated syndromes: CLOVES syndrome, Sturges-Weber syndrome, Klippel-Treanunay syndrome, Parker-Weber syndrome, Cobb syndrome, Proteus syndrome, CAVMS, Kasabach-Merritt syndrome, PHACE syndrome.

Congenital microglossia

  • Associated hypoglossal growth syndromes : Hypoglossia-Hypodactyly syndrome, Hanhart syndrome, Silver Russell syndrome.

Congenital macroglossia, hemi-facial hypertrophy

  • Associated hypergrowth syndromes : Wiedemann-Beckwith syndrome, Golabi syndrome, Cloves syndrome.

Tissue dysplasias

  • giant congenital pigmentary naevus ;
  • aplasia cutis ;
  • hamartomas ;
  • linear localized sclerodermas ; Parry-Romberg syndrome.

Paralytic malformations of the face, Moebius syndrome

Congenital velopharyngeal incompetence

  • Associated syndromes: Kabuki syndrome, 22q11 deletion

The department also takes care of the following pathologies, apart from those of the reference center :

At the level of the face, the oral cavity and the scalp :

  • Bone and soft tissue trauma – Dog bites ;
  • benign and malignant bone and soft tissue tumors ;
  • infections.

At the level of the face and the whole body envelope :

  • vascular abnormalities ;
  • tissue dysplasias and giant naevus of the body;
  • after-effects of burns;
  • scars;
  • facial plastic surgery.

Body plastic surgery.

En savoir +

Centre de référence des fentes et malformations faciales (MAFACE)

Pr Arnaud Picard
maxillo-facial surgeon,
responsible for the reference center,
national coordinator of the MAFACE network

Dr Eva Galliani
maxillo-facial surgeon,
referring surgeon of the reference center,
assistant to the coordinator,
BAMARA referent

Pr Natacha Kadlub
maxillo-facial surgeon,
rare tumors and bone diseases referent (MOC)

Dr Hossein Khonsari Craniost

Dr Hossein Roman Khonsari
maxillo-facial surgeon,
CRANIOST referent

Dr Anne Morice
maxillo-facial surgeon

Cecilia Neiva-Vaz magec

Dr Cécilia Neiva-Vaz
maxillo-facial surgeon,
microsurgery and reconstruction referent

Véronique Soupre magec

Dr Véronique Soupre
maxillo-facial surgeon,
referent for antenatal diagnosis (CPDPN), and
for vascular abnormalities (AVANCE)

Marie Paule Vazquez magec

Pr Marie-Paule Vazquez
maxillo-facial surgeon
plastic surgeon,
medical-surgical referent of the TETECOU sector

Jacques Buis magec

Dr Jacques Buis
plastic surgeon

Patrick Diner Magec

Dr Patrick Diner
plastic surgeon,
surgical bone distraction referent

Dr Gérald Franchi
plastic surgeon,
orbito-palpebral malformations referent

Dr Benoit Michel magec

Dr Benoît Michel
maxillo-facial surgeon

Marc Mitrofanoff magec

Dr Marc Mitrofanoff
plastic surgeon

Bernard Sergent magec

Dr Bernard Sergent
plastic surgeon,
Moebius syndrome referent

Frédéric Zazurca magec

Dr Frédéric Zazurca
plastic surgeon

Catherine Tomat Magec

Dr Catherine Tomat
stomatologist and orthodontist,
bone distraction orthodontic referent

photo-identite-femme magec2

Dr Bothild Kverneland
pediatric odontologist

Dr Ioana Pavlov Magec

Dr Ioana Pavlov
pediatric odontologist

Dr Amélie Reibel-Domergue Magec

Dr Amélie Reibel-Domergue
pediatric odontologist

Dr Hien Tran
pediatric odontologist

photo-identite-femme magec2

Dr Sophie Eché

dr-Le-mai-khanh Magec

Dr Mai Khanh Lê-Dacheux


Dr Aurélie Majourau-Bourriez

Fatiha Nassef Magec

Dr Fatiha Nassef-Guérard

Dr Khanh Nham

Brigitte Vi-Fane Magec

Dr Brigitte Vi-Fane
MAFACE/ORARES clefts orthodontist referent

Dr Bachar Houssamo

Christine Baton Magec

Dr Christine Baton
scars referent

Virgine Fayard Magec

Dr Virginie Fayard
laser referent

Alexandra Bucur-Girard
speech therapist

Cecile Chapuis Magec

Cécile Chapuis
speech therapist,
MAFACE reference center referent,
training referent in the MAFACE network

Valerie Charpillet Magec

Valérie Charpillet
speech therapist,
Moebius syndrome referent

Estelle Sanquer
speech therapist

Pascal Gavelle magec

Pascale Gavelle

Beatrice Langellier Magec

Béatrice Langellier-Bellevue
reference center social worker

Labortoire de recherche

Bone distraction and bone surgery

  • VIVODOGMA project: development of a craniofacial osteogenic distractor with magnetic activation (collaboration Institut Polytechnique de Paris/University of Paris/APHP)
  • PROTODISMA project: development of a prototype of a magnetically activated inter-maxillary circuit breaker (collaboration Institut Polytechnique de Paris/University of Paris/APHP)
  • Development of customized surgical bone distractors
  • Pre-operative 3D planning and 3D printing of models and medical devices in the hospital environment
  • Development of a high-fidelity model of mandibular bone impression (collaboration Institut Polytechnique de Paris/University of Paris)
  • Biomechanical study of the mandibular periosteum (collaboration Institut Polytechnique de Paris/University of Paris)
  • Biomechanical study of decellularized bone (collaboration Institut Polytechnique de Paris/ University of Paris/ Catholic university of Louvain)

Facial clefts

  • Cohort study of patients with unilateral or bilateral cleft lip and palate : Primary cheilorhinoplasty/veloplasty studies : results at 4 years.
  • Cohort study of patients with uni- or bilateral commissural clefts
  • Evaluation of the use of biomaterials in alveolar grafts for cleft lip and palate
  • Oral hygiene and Kolibree connected toothbrush prior to alveolar bone grafting in children with cleft lip and/or palate
  • Evaluation of the effects of the interactive story box LUNII on pre-operative anxiety and on the post-operative period of children with cleft lip and/or palate admitted for alveolar bone grafting: a pilot study (LUNII) >> clinicaltrials

Constitutional bone diseases (collaboration with the MOC reference center)

  • Clinical study, maxillofacial phenotype of patients with achondroplasia

Craniofacial malformations (collaboration with the CRANIOST reference center)

  • Craniofacial phenotype of intentional skull deformities
  • Mandibular morphology in craniofacial synostosis
  • Black-Bone MRI data segmentation
  • Oral opening after craniofacial osteotomies (monobloc and Le Fort III osteotomies)
  • Recognition of craniofacial syndromes by artificial intelligence based on 2D and 3D photographs
  • Optimization of bone remodeling in fronto-orbital advancement

Rare oncology

  • EuroEwing national cohort study, Care of Ewing’s sarcoma of the head and neck (IGR collaboration)
  • Cohort clinical studies rare head and neck tumors (MNTI, desmoide, TKO…)
  • Molecular and cellular study of cherubism (collaboration with the MOC reference center)

Hamartomas/tissue dysplasias

  • Study of interactions between melanocytic cells and keratinocytes
  • Morphology of scars in iterative naevus excisions

Studies of incisions and skin plasties for the separation of ischiopagus twins (siamese), (collaboration with the visceral surgery and orthopedic surgery departments of Necker)

Inter-university diploma in pediatric plastic surgery
University of Montpellier – University of Toulouse

Inter-university diploma in fetal medicine
Universities of Paris Pierre and Marie Curie and Kremlin Bicêtre

Inter-university diploma in fetal medicine
Universities of Bordeaux, Lille, Montpellier, Paris Descartes, Rennes and Tour

University diploma in dermato-venereology of the oral mucosa
University of Paris Descartes

Inter-university diploma in surgical anatomy of the head and neck
University Paris-Descartes – University of Paris-Diderot

Inter-university diploma in medicine and neonatal resuscitation (Inter-regional east)
Universities of Dijon, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nancy, Reims, Strasbourg

Inter-university diploma in medicine and neonatal resuscitation (Inter-regional west)
Universities of Amiens, Bordeaux, Brest, Caen, Lille, Nantes, Rennes, Rouen, Tours

University diploma in clef lip and palate : multidisciplinary therapeutic approaches
University of Strasbourg 

University diploma in surgical planning and personalized medicine: from image processing to risk management
University of Paris Descartes

University diploma in artificial intelligence in health
University of Paris

Inter-university diploma in medicine and neonatal resuscitation (Inter-regional Paris Ile-de-France)
Universities of Paris Descartes, Pierre et Marie Curie, Diderot et Kremlin Bicêtre

The publications detailed here are from

  • the MAFACE reference center and the work of all its members
  • collaboration with research laboratories
  • collaboration with the 4 other reference centers of the TETECOU sector: CRANIOST, MALO, SPRATON and ORARES
  • collaborations with the dermatology, ophthalmology, non-invasive ventilation and sleep of children, visceral surgery, orthopedic surgery, anatomopathology, neurophysiology and genetics departments of Necker-Enfants malades.


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