Cystic fibrosis

French national reference center for cystic fibrosis and conditions linked to a CFTR abnormality

logo CRMR MucoviscidoseThe reference center for cystic fibrosis and conditions linked to a CFTR abnormality at Necker hospital monitors a cohort of 250 patients with cystic fibrosis and related forms, making it one of the largest pediatric centers in the world.
Care emphasizes on outpatient care and benefits from a well-honed program, in connection with the therapeutic education transversal unit (UTET), home assignments and therapeutic education for families. It is backed by innovative research, both translational and fundamental, carried out within the Necker-Enfants malades institute (INEM), directed by Pr Sermet with recurrent national, European and North American funding.

Three more specific aspects are developed:

  • expertise in preparing patients with respiratory failure for lung transplantation;
  • the assessment of patients referred for suspected cystic fibrosis in whom the diagnosis cannot be concluded on conventional genetic arguments;
  • significant research activity.


Pr Isabelle Sermet-Gaudelus

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Patients with cystic fibrosis and related forms

Patients with suspected cystic fibrosis

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Patients with respiratory failure awaiting lung transplantation

The preparation of these patients is based on a unique multidisciplinary expertise optimizing the preparation for lung transplantation and ensuring national recruitment, combining :

  • care in the pediatric pneumoallergology department and the cystic fibrosis functional unit ;
  • a transversal unit for the care of children in non-invasive ventilation ;
  • the exploration of pulmonary hypertension in pediatric cardiology ;
  • various pediatric specialty services for the care of multisystemic patients ;
  • transversal units allowing symptomatic care (nutrition, infectious diseases, endocrinology, psychiatry, diabetology, exercise re-training, etc.) and facilitating outpatient monitoring (transversal therapeutic education unit) ;
  • a pediatric resuscitation and continuing care service for decompensating patients ;
  • a pediatric surgery department with thoracic specialization ;
  • a technical platform combining endobronchial fibroscopy, associated histological expertise, pulmonary imaging.

The multidisciplinary care of patients registered or soon registered on the transplant list is provided by various programs :

  • respiratory rehabilitation (24 hours a day on-call physiotherapists, exercise reconditioning, implementation if necessary of non-invasive ventilation) ;
  • nutritional rehabilitation (enteral and / or parenteral nutrition in collaboration with the pediatric nutritional unit) ;
  • adaptation of the anti-infectious strategy in collaboration with the microbiology department and the mobile infectious disease unit ;
  • care of painful cases ; supportive psychotherapy and body therapy ;
  • establishment of a network with relay centers.

Since January 2019, the Necker teams have been providing pediatric lung transplantation and post-transplant patient monitoring. This involves cardiac and thoracic surgery, medical resuscitation, the pediatric pneumoallergology department and the cystic fibrosis functional unit.

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The medical follow-up of patients followed at the cystic fibrosis functional unit is provided by :

  • Pr Isabelle Sermet-Gaudelus,
  • Dr Muriel Le Bourgeois,
  • Dr Frédérique Chedevergne
  • Dr Céline Bailly.

Each doctor is a referent for his outpatients. Doctors Chedevergne and Bailly are referents for the activity of the day hospital, Professor Sermet-Gaudelus for traditional hospitalization and the care of patients awaiting pediatric lung transplantation.

Paramedical monitoring is provided by :

  • Aline Lustre, coordinating nurse specifically dedicated to the cystic fibrosis resource and competence center (CRCM) and Marlène Clairicia Pierre-Joseph, training nurse at the child home treatment training center (CFTDE) ;
  • Caroline Grapin, physiotherapist specifically dedicated to the CRCM and Hélène Avril, physiotherapist from the functional rehabilitation department ;
  • Maya Kirszenbaum, psychologist specifically dedicated to the CRCM ;
  • Nathalie Nguyen-Lekhaj, secretary ;
  • a dietitian from the dietetic service pool ;
  • a social worker from the pediatric pneumo-allergology service ;
  • Déborah Fuchs, medico-sports educator in the functional rehabilitation service.

Therapeutic education pathway for a child with cystic fibrosis and his parents, from screening to adulthood

The research activity is supported by the local association « Mucoviscidose – ABCF2 » intended to promote research in cystic fibrosis.

Fundamental research takes place within a labeled research structure: Inserm U 1511, Institut Necker-Enfants malades. Faculty of medicine, Paris V. directed by Pr Sermet.

The research program focuses on the involvement of the CFTR protein in normal and pathological lungs.

The main lines of research are:

  • research of CFTR partner proteins, allowing the identification of signaling pathways linked to CFTR dysfunction and creating new therapeutic targets ;
  • the study of unconventional CFTR secretion pathways and research of innovative cell therapy pathways ;
  • involvement of CFTR in other respiratory epithelial pathologies (COPD) and in abnormalities of lung development ;
  • personalized therapy program for cystic fibrosis and related forms: research of new modulators of CFTR, development of tools to establish the effectiveness of these molecules; development of specific models from primary cultures of nasal cells and organoids derived from intestinal and respiratory tissues of patients. Application of these tools for a preclinical evaluation of new CFTR modulating therapies and identification of factors of phenotypic heterogeneity and therapeutic response.

This program is supported by recurrent funding: H2020 “PRO-CF-MED ; ANR 2014 ; recurrent French and American associative funding. Industrial financing.

Translational research is being carried out in conjunction with the Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) and is based on extensive therapeutic trial activity for new CFTR modulators.

  • Fungal infection UD
  • Rare disease IUD
  • Pediatric pulmonology IUD
  • Pediatric infectious disease IUD
  • Palliative care IUD
  • Junior training in pediatrics


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Cystic fibrosis : steady progress
Paris Match |  11.13.2018
Considerable progress, commented on by Pr Isabelle Sermet-Gaudelus, has been made in its treatment.
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Cystic fibrosis : How the multidisciplinary team at Necker ensures a peaceful return to school for Pierre and his mother | 9.25.2018
On the occasion of the 34th Virades de l’espoir, « 20 Minutes » was able to visit the center dedicated to this rare disease and meet the various professionals who surround Claire and her family …
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Cystic fibrosis : promising new treatments? | 9.23.2016
Among the projects supported, that of Pr Isabelle Sermet-Gaudelus and her team at Inserm (National Institute for Health and Medical Research) aims to better target treatments. Promising treatments are arriving on the market, such as Orkambi, from the French laboratory Vertex, but « patients respond to them very differently », underlines the researcher, also a pediatrician at the Necker hospital (Paris). Testing the treatment on cells in the nasal mucosa of patients makes it possible to “predict their clinical response” and “not to treat those who will not benefit from it”, added the researcher.
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