[Podcast] Rare skin disease: when treatment seems impossible (Pr Bodemer)

[Podcast] Rare skin disease: when treatment seems impossible (Pr Bodemer)

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Symptoms is a podcast that takes you into a doctor’s office one day confronted with a mysterious case, with symptoms sometimes never seen elsewhere. Thanks to their sometimes decisive intuitions, their medical knowledge and the progress of research, specialists tell us how they conducted an investigation to try to cure their patient. An RTL Originals podcast.

In a heartbreaking new episode, Professor Christine Bodemer tells us the story of a little girl suffering from a rare syndrome with symptoms that we never thought we could relieve, until an unexpected scientific discovery.

The first consultation took place in the middle of winter. It is cold outside and particularly hot inside the Necker Hospital when Professor Christine Bodemer, the head of the dermatology department, receives two distraught parents. Their 18-month-old daughter has painful sores on her feet, which have appeared since she started learning to walk. The doctors they have consulted so far think of a pathology: epidermolysis bullosa.

But during the consultation, the little girl suddenly starts screaming in pain. His hands and feet turn scarlet. The parents explain that she has attacks like these 10 to 20 times a day and that only the cold can calm their child. We bring ice water and fans and indeed, the girl calms down.

Professor Christine Bodemer quickly understands the ordeal of the child and his family. She investigates and discovers that her young patient is actually suffering from Olmsted Syndrome, an orphan genetic disease for which no cure exists.

For several years, she will try to soothe the pain of the little girls. At the age of 12, his young patient weighs barely twenty kilos and is 1.28 meters tall. His body is exhausted from fighting the pain and the situation looks hopeless.

Yet a scientific discovery will change everything in the fate of this child and other young patients. And for Professor Christine Bodemer, this painful adventure of several years will turn into the most beautiful and richest experience of her career.

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Source : RTL (11/13/2021)